Panther chameleon not using tong

So I have a panther chameleon about 5 months old I got him on 12/29/2019 sence I have had him he has not used his tong to eat he only walks up to his food and takes it he tinge comes out just enough for the food to stick to it not sure if this could be from the breeder hand feeding all the time or what and I know this is not normal would like to here your thoughts please


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Are you perhaps saying that he is having issues with his tongue? Dehydration can cause that to happen.
Yes my first panther Cham I am using a t5 5,0 reptisun just got last week
Sup is repashy calcium plus use it every feeding Bruce banner is 5 months or so I was told got the light on a 12 on12 off timer real plants and real vines spray twoce a day and on a mister humitiy is a bout 55/65%basking spot is about 85/90


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Have you actually seen his tongue? There are cases where they have accidentally bitten it off. They need to be hand fed if that is the case.


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The other day he shot it out but it only came out about 2 inches but have not seen him sence
does that raphashy product have preformed vitamin A ?

heres what I found on bills site

The chameleon tongue is a complicated apparatus. It requires coordination with the eyes for precision aiming and then an incredible firing of the tongue out to hit the prey. There are a number of things which can affect the tongue function. The two main issues that chameleon hobbyists run into are 1) Metabolic Bone Disease and 2) vitamin A deficiency.
Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) is caused by a lack of calcium in the bones to make them rigid and strong. Thus the jaw can warp. As the mouth is the launching platform for the tongue any deformity will make accurate shooting difficult. Your chameleon will try and shoot and may miss if the deformity is beyond what the chameleon’s brain can compensate for.
Vitamin A deficiency can affect the tongue’s use by degrading the eye sight. If the eyes are crusted over and have difficulty aiming then the tongue use will suffer.


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If it just started suddenly… It may resolve itself quickly. One of my females is a very eager eater and she occasionally will shoot at something that is not food. If she gets her little tongue stuck she can sometimes strain it and is then hesitant to shoot again for a while. Usually resolves itself within the day (she shoots my fingers daily).

As others have said, it could otherwise be a larger issue. I have another with a similar, permanent tongue issue and he has adapted to eating food at a closer range. I also am more choosey about what he eats and must cup feed certain foods.
  • Your Chameleon - male amblobe panther Cham in my caresence12/29/19
  • Handling - once a day
  • Feeding - crickets 8/12aday
  • Supplements - repashy calcum plus every cricket every feedind
  • Watering auto mister twice Daly hand spray in-between auto misting
  • Fecal Description - normal white

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 4x2x1
  • Lighting - reptisun t5 5.0
  • Temperature -basking is 85/90 low point is room temp about77/78
  • Humidity humitiy is 55/60 using a humidifire
  • Plants - real umbrella plants 2 and a pothos vine plant
  • Placement - in my bedroom
  • Location - florida

Current Problem - he will not hoot is tonge


Please Note:
  1. I was told this Cham was 4 1/2 months when I got him 12/29/19
  2. View photos at top of page


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think you maybe over doing it with the rapashy plus every feeding , I would suggest using Rapashy plus lod .

what you using ha 20,000 IU/lb of vitamin d3 and 200,000 IU/lb of vitamin a
rapshashy plus lod has 8,000 IU/lb 80,000 IU/lb of vitamin a

lod is safe to use every feeding using the other is way to much in my opinion !
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