Panther Cham.... Is it suitable in an exo terra?


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Hello All....

I am trying to solve an issue.....

I am looking at purchasing a new baby panther but I only have limited space.

My question is am I able to keep a single panther in an exo terra 24x18x24 for its entirety.

I know most people say a 2x2x3 is the minimum but I've seen people use a 2ft exo terra just wanted to know the general consensus.... :) please don't flame me as I don't have the Cham yet I am just trying to get an idea if it will be suitable long term... :)


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The minimum for an adult male panther chameleon is 2x2x4. The minimum size for a female is generally 18x18x36.

I raise my babies in exo terras then move them into their adult screen cages at about 6 months.

Exo terra do not make a cage big enough for an adult male. Drainage is also a big issue unless you drill holes in the glass.

The chameleon will use all the space given and my male spends the whole day until lights out moving between plants all over his cage. I wouldnt put them in anything smaller than the minimum recommended size.

Have a look at the reptibreeze cages. Many people in the Uk believe that it is hard to keep any heat and humidity in screen cages but this is not the case!
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