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Habanero, male oustalet see previous threads for picture. I have had him 5 days, bought him a hornworm as treat. Found the worm half chewed up with a bunch of mini white worms all through and around it. Does this mean the hornworm had something wrong with it ?; also If so I gave one to my veiled should I be worried... Or does this mean my oustie has worms??? And if so I will rush him to a vet If need be and am wondering how it is treated.. And if its an airborne thing and I should rush all reptiles to vet. Please respond asap

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My Oustalet's like hornworms and I have never seen anything like that.

Is your Oustalet's captive bred, wild import or a Florida field collected animal ?

Hard to know what to think from your description of white worms, is it too late to take a photo of them ?

Hope you Oustalet's is OK, how is his behavior & color today ?


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They were longer and skinnier :( and he was captive bread.. His behaviour and colors seemed fine all day as much as I know.. Where I've only had him a short time its hard to judge

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Well, either the larvae were inside the hornworm, or the larvae were laid on the dead carcase of said worm.

So, how long was the carcase left there?

A quick search only pulled up that one parasite, but there are likely others that frequently attack hornworms, you might want to do a more in depth search, or ring the place were you purchased the worms from, and ask them if they have any knowledge on the matter.


I got a cup of horn worms a few weeks ago at the pet shop, and got home and seen maggots in the container, in the food , they seemed bigger then my normal fruit fly . I did pull all the worms out and put in sep container, and they were some kind of fruit fly, tossed them , hope this helps ,


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If you got this hornworm from a feeder company, there should be no parasitic worms like that in them.

If you found one outside (unlikely) they could have the worms, but would also be toxic if they ate any tomato leaves, so hoping you didn't do that.

Did you get pictures? Maybe if it was there a while, flies got to it and these are maggots?

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Okay so chances are its from the hornworm.. And my chams are safe.. I am actually crying my chams are my kids :(

Its likely ok, as it would be doubtful that the parasite would survive the digestive process, or be able to infect the chameleon.

As many hornworms as are fed/bred around here, Im sure someone may be able to shed some more light from personal experience.

You may want to pm a moderator, and have the thread title renamed, so that anyone with any info will know that you are looking for it.:)


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Looks like possible horsehair worms


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Next time he poops, take said poop to a vet to be checked. That way you'll know for sure. I highly doubt it would have to be a chameleon vet in order to test it, but if he is parasite positive you'll probably need an experienced vet in order to treat them.
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