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I know there are tons of posts about panacur. I have read through tons of them. I don't think anyone situation is exactly the same though, so I am asking for more information.

My chameleon is between 10 and 12 months I assume. The supplier did not know for sure. I am not sure of her weight but she has lost some since she got sick but before she was an average sized very healthy chameleon. I am trying to figure out how much of this stuff to give her. The bottle says Equine dewormer paste 25 g paste 10% (100 mg/g) I don't have any smaller syringes. Can I just squeeze a tiny amount out of the original tube and give it to her that way? I know people are saying it is very safe and you cant over dose but I need opinions on my situation.


It is important that you have a weight so that you can give the correct dose..if you do not give enough then you will not treat the parasites...also there are different dose for chameleons and different doses depending on what parasite you are treating for and some require one does a day over several days or needs to be repeated in a few weeks...most vets will allow you to bring in a pet to get a weight and give you the correct dose to treat your chameleon.

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100 mg/kg is the proper dosage for all kind of parasites. Prepare the treatment once a week (2-3 times).


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Hav you actually had the chameleon tested for parasites? If you haven't I would not give any medication without prior testing as it just messes with gut flora for nothing.
I think like bradley. Ideally, a visit to the vet to do a test to see what kind of parasites has. Then you give the type of medication and dosage required.


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50 mg per kg dosing for panacur. To properly treat, you will need to weigh your chameleon and calculate the needed dosing. You will then need to follow a proper regimen/course of treatment. There is no one time kill all remedy.

I recommend that you take the next fresh feces in for analysis. Anti parasite drugs target parasites they are intended for and do absolutely nothing for the others. Could be a waste of your time if you dont have the right drug to combat the parasite at hand. ;)


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be aware that the Equine version (intended for a 1000 lb animal ) could be more or less potent (more or less active ingredient fenbendazole) than those prepared for dogs or for lizards. Further the active ingredient may not be perfectly distributed in the paste (which doesn't matter if the full single does was intended to be given to a horse, but matters a lot of you are trying to do the math to give a small portion to a chameleon)

I would get a vet to prepare the dose based on her current weight.
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We bought panacur from a feed store but I was so paranoid in dosages that when we confirmed pin worms my vet made us up some specifically for her needs. She is 150 grams and gets 0.15mls but again they can make in different strengths so it is very important to get parasite testing and treatment from a vet. we won't give ours anything as far as meds unless it has been diagnosed
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