Painting the cup?


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So I have a clear tupperware for a feeding cup which I thought would be ok because the bottom half is different texture and not so clear. Today and yesterday I noticed Basil is still trying to shoot once or twice at the outside of the cup, but quickly realizes he needs to go at it from above.

I was wondering if instead of buying a new feeding cup if painting the outside of the current one with a white art supply paint would be ok/safe. Or should I wrap up the outside with a colored tape?
I wouldnt bother, and certainly dont use tape if you do. Give him time enough to get the hang of it. I always used a clear one, but then I hung mine below the basking perch where he could look down into it most often anyway. :)
Ok. Yeah he gets it pretty fast, but the next day he'll try to shoot the side again. I just didnt want him to hurt himself or have his tongue stick too long and accidentally bite it off. Last time he shot at it his tongue stuck for almost a full second. His "bowl" is also under his basking spot, but of course when I come open the door he runs, so when he comes back to get the food he's parallel to the bowl at first.
I took a sharpie marker and blacked out the sides. I allowed it to dry then tested it to see if the marker would come off if for some reason my cham hit it with his tounge, of which it would not. I then placed that container in his cage ... because of it being dark in color he does not see any shapes inside the container and has never shot at the container and it seem to be working fine.
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