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OK i might be jumping the gun here but in jersey it hit 65 today so im praying that the 80's come soon.( it was 65 one day then 23 the next with 6 inches of snow) My dad is a hugeeee plant fan with banana trees and all other kinds but one that had me excited to relize was a 5 and 1/2 foot fiscus and i would like to be able to put my veiled in it for a little bit during the day once it gets in the 80's. now would i have to make some kind of screen because that would be huge and alot of cash or could i put himon it and keep a close eye on him? would you recommend building a gigantic cage thing or would i be good with just watching him because it would only be maybe for an hour or 2 everyother day.
You could just watch him, but you will have to keep a very close eye on him.

Remember, he is a chameleon, and he could "disappear" rather quickly.

Another thing to watch out for-- birds. It would only take a second and he could be gone forever.

If your planning on taking him outside often it would probably be worth the effort to build an outdoor enclosure.

you will still have to keep an eye on him, but at least you won't have to watch him like a hawk.

The current (Feb.) issue of chameleon news has instructions for building a pretty elaborate outdoor enclosure -- http://www.chameleonnews.com

of course yours could be much simpler -- I've also heard of people using bird cages.
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