Outside time? misting?

Hi everyone, meet Mengui, our around-6 month old panther female.
She is great, very friendly and loves to go outside, we take her to this plant (that has been washed) every day in the afternoon, we place her at the bottom and she climbs all the way up, however her skin goes always darker when outside. Is it normal, or is she probably cold? Its usually low 70s, we live in Anaheim CA. If its cold for her, should I stop doing it?
Also, I bought a Monsoon misting system, should I keep the dripper also? She never seems to drink from the dripper, but she does when the misting goes on (the misting water is filtered from a Brita filter).


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If she is turning dark on the side facing the sun she is just trying to absorb more rays, perfectly normal. If she is dark all over she may be a bit stressed or cold.
You can use the dripper less often and monitor her urates. If they stay white then she is getting enough from the mister if not restart the dripper.
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