Outside keeping and overcast days


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For those of you who keep your Chams outside on a regular basis, can you please comment on how overcast days affect them. The temps are a high of 85 and low of 68, so that is not issue, but a day or so may go by where they get no direct sunlight.

I cant imagine that this is any kind of an issue as it occurs in nature, just curious on feedback from owners who keep theirs outside continuously.

Thanks in advance.
that is a great question. i personally i have no idea. but i would guess in nature that anything can happen. and you would have those days. so i don't think it would hurt them.. it may even be for the better but i'm a what you would call a newbie. but i'm just a chirping in :D
i think about it this way- if you are outside for a long period of time you can still get a sunburn even when its overcast...
in direct sunlight here in Florida, my UVB meter typically reads around 350. shaded areas will still be 200+. on cloudy days the readings can be anywhere from 60-150. so at least down here, more gets through than most bulbs could ever achieve. your mileage may vary based on latitude.
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