Outdoor enclosures 2013

Hello all!

I have been inactive the greater part of last winter. Ever since I got the chams indoors for a midwestern winter season, I guess. Just been so busy with work, & a baby on the way, that I have neglected my forums, website, & youtube channel. But getting my chameleon cages built and moving them out for the summer, has inspired me to do an update.

Currently I am in the middle of building the outdoor cages to be permanteley kept outside, so i dont have to disasemble my reptariums anymore, moving them in and out. The Appogees I use are on their last year anyways so i will also be building indoor cages before fall. I am not done with the 10'x4'x6'enclosure yet, so i went ahead and moved the appogees outside until its complete. here are a few pics. I'll try to get better pics of my panthers as I go.


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The Appogees and gang


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