Outdoor Enclosure Help for Veiled...


I have 1.3 veiled i kept out this summer. i used two hibiscus & two umbrella plants. one per cage. the hibiscus will offer more shade & sturdier branches. i didn't notice a preference from anyone. just make sure to get some horizontal branches in place for the plants to grow around. that made the difference. all 3 females are now pregnant, if that figures in to your equation. lots of misting also!!! watch for open mouths, means they need water NOW.
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I might just turn it into 24x24x48 just to make it easier. I have extra wood and just wanted to us it up =)

Thinking about using either pet screen or hardware cloth for the sides, front and top. He will only be outside when I'm home.

Think of putting wheels on your cage. That way you move the cage for maximum sun and maybe bring it in when needed.And I've found that hardware cloth is great.
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