Oustalet's picture, big dude

Here's a picture of a male Oustalet's I raised from a baby...he may not look like it in the picture, but he's pretty massive. I'd say the best eater of any of the chameleons we house. A real beast. I'm looking forward to seeing how large of a size he attains.

The Oustalet's don't get much love in the chameleon world, and I'm not quite sure why. They may not be as pretty as a Panther but they are generally quite docile and can really thrive in captivity if they are cb or ch.



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He is really lovely. I am seriously considering an Oustie for my next cham (fingers crossed, that will be a VERY long time from now). I love how dinosaury and gruff they look.


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He look great, and I've considered getting one many times. The large housing requirements are a bit prohibitive though. How big is he? Can you take a pic with something for size reference?
radstusky, mvad, Mike Fisher, Lathis, larrodinero - Thank you for the positive comments!

I have a ch female Oustalet's that I purchased with the pictured male, at about the same size (babies). I haven't bred them together as I've been experimenting with crossing the Oustalet's with the Panthers. We'll see. My male breeder Ambilobe mounted my female Oustalet's, and she's never been with another cham and she's fat and looks gravid, so time will tell.
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