oustalet's chameleon

  1. BackwaterReptiles

    Big male Oustalet's...

    Here's one of our male Oustalet's chams on the shoulder of one of our employees. I got him as a captive hatched baby in late 2013 and he's definitely one of my favorite chams. Really looking forward to seeing how large he'll become. Really underrated species.
  2. BackwaterReptiles

    Oustalet's picture, big dude

    Here's a picture of a male Oustalet's I raised from a baby...he may not look like it in the picture, but he's pretty massive. I'd say the best eater of any of the chameleons we house. A real beast. I'm looking forward to seeing how large of a size he attains. The Oustalet's don't get much...
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