Orchids In The Enclosure?

Brad Ramsey

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Okay, seaflirt asked about Bromeliads which reminded me, I've been meaning to ask about orchids.
I see them in pics of people's cham enclosures every once in awhile but cannot tell if they are real or not.
Anyway....not an important post but a question I have nonetheless.
Yes. Veileds in particular in my experience will eat the ever living crap out of flowers. Orchids are fine. I am pretty sure these are on their native diet. If you have ambitions like that maybe looking into a hibiscus. Two problems with them is they do require bright light and some what of a dormacy period. I offer my lady roses mounted to the top of the cage. She has eaten them everytime. I guess not all veileds are the same so they may not eat them at all, mine always do though. When your guy gets a couple more months under his belt try offering him some kind of flower from the top of the cage. Leave it there for a day or two to see if he goes for them or not. I would say this can help you decide if you want to bother with even offering them or not.
Thanks Jordan.
He already rips the hell out of the collard greens I give him and there are hibiscus, spider plant, pothos and boston fern getting established in his future adult enclosure, maybe that's enough.
I guess the real question would be: do you want to sacrafice an orchid to your veiled chameleon? :)

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