Orange Eye Parson's Chameleons


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Well, this is a post that I've been waiting to make for quite some time now! I have secretly been on the hunt for some CBB OE Parson's Chameleons. I initially wanted to find a young male, but the opportunity to purchase two offspring came about and I decided that I would take the opportunity!

These two are roughly 3 months in age. I must say that I am very pleased with them and they already stole my heart with their judgmental eyes right from the deli cups they were transported in!

Here are a few photographs - I will be getting some weights on them and taking measurements of their size to document.

I do want to send a BIG thank you to @Motherlode Chameleon and @SmithSe for listening to me and helping me with the many various questions that I had as well as the the breeder!

So, now that I've rambled enough, here are some photographs of the new little ones right from the shipping container and right before transportation to their new enclosures. I do want to emphasize how strong their grip is at this tiny little size. I was quite surprised.

(Please excuse the poor thumbnails - I will need to figure out how to share larger photos)


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Beautiful! Love the little eyespots on their flanks! I feel like their judginess correlates with grip strength - the bigger they grow and harder they grip, the judgier they become :p the ultimate parsonii trifecta!


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This will be for my own personal use but I figured I’d share their weights. I had to get crafty after finally finding the scale since it was hidden in a bin after moving this spring. Air plants are pretty decent perches for babies.


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Thanks for sharing! :D I just love watching the babies grow. Please give lots of updates and best of luck with them (y).


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Congrats! Man I wish I had the space for these guys. They are so awesome looking. Keep us posted.
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