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  1. JRchameleons

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    I am thinking about getting a crested gecko at Repticon Atlanta tomorrow, but I need some input on the housing situation. I currently have two extra 16x16x20 screen cages, a 12x12x18 Exo Terra, and several ten gallons. Which of those would work best for a juvenile crestie? Of course I'll buy a bigger enclosure when the time comes, but for now I'd hate for these extra enclosures I already have to just sit around empty. I just can't decide which one. I feel like I need to use glass for humidity purposes, but the screen cages just have so much more room for running and jumping. Opinions?
  2. mbondy

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    Cresties are great and honestly one of the most stupid proof animals you can keep. After keeping chameleons, they are the simplest things ever. For a juvie you will be fine with just a 10 gallon tank. As an adult the small screen cage is fine, you can go all out but they'll be fine either way. I prefer tanks with a screen top or something half glass/screen to keep in humidity but still have air circulation.

    Anyways, a 10 gallon is great for a juvie. Make sure to add lots of foliage and branches to climb and stick too. They're great!
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    What mbondy said! But honestly most of my geckos are in plastic tubs with screen installed on one side. I put babies up to 5g in a 7.5 qt Then move them to a 29qt till around 25g then move them into a 92qt bin. I put breeding pairs/trios into 18x18x24 exo's. The smaller geckos do better in smaller enclosures, some times with too much space it seems like they can't find their food well :rolleyes:
  4. JackP308

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    I wouldn't call crested geckos stupid proof that's for sure. Maybe less dedication then say a chameleon. Its very easy for some one to kill a crested without paying attention to heat and humidity bad sheds ect. They get MBD from bad diets and people feeding only insects. So to tell someone they are stupid proof is somewhat misleading. To me Vieled chameleons are what you explain as stupid proof to but to others in the Health section looks like a struggle for them. Either Way to each their own.

    That being said I like to use the small repti breezes which are 16x16x20 I think for even single adult males. I also use the 18x18x24 exo terras. Crested geckos shouldn't have much trouble finding their food as they eat Crested Gecko Diet and you should place it somewhere they won't walk in and they learn exactly where its at and will be waiting for you to fill their bowl. Insects are treats They don't need them. Use Repashys Crested Gecko diet which you mix with water 2/1 or something like that. Has all the calcium vitamins and nutrition they need. Crickets are to keep them excited and give them little time to hunt.

    I also kept babies in plastic totes too that I stood up tall ways and drilled holes all around.

    I just don't want people to get the wrong idea,yes they are super easy to care for and awesome gecko but I wouldn't trust any stupid person caring for my geckos is the way I looked at it. I got the idea what you meant though:D
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  5. mbondy

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    Point taken! Let's revise...if you can properly care for a chameleon then most likely you won't kill a gecko, hopefully ;)
  6. clarkrw3

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    I would agree with that. That hasn't stopped me getting two baby geckos from breeders, one that almost lost a toe due to CGD stuck on a digit though a shed or two and another that had stuck shed around a leg and could have easily lost a foot without proper help. It is hard to deal with these issues on small 2-3g geckos. However, I have never had a problem with a gecko in my care :rolleyes: its pretty easy to not have trouble when doing things right ;)
  7. Txherp

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    I tried keeping mine in a screen cage before and it didn't work well. I couldnt get the humidity up enough and they had shedding problems.
  8. JRchameleons

    JRchameleons New Member

    Thanks for all the input. I did get a young crestie and I have him set up in the 12x12x18 exo right now with some branches, a live pothos and a vertical cork hide. He has been exploring everything and he seems to be doing really well. :)
  9. danibug23

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    i wanna see pics :) I'm thinking about getting one too!

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