One year old!


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Baxter had a birthday last week, snapped a few pics of him in his enclosure. Got some today of him hanging out on his temporary free range inside. Hope everyone digs him, he's such a sweet boy.


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I got him a small ghost mantid colony for some treats in a couple months. haha.


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Happy Birthday Baxter! He's a very handsome boy. I like the last few pictures where he's out of the cage. He looks so much happier. :)
happy hatch day for Baxter!:D You really gonna feed the ghosts off???
Depends on how many of each sex I have. Probably won't be feeding off any of the first generation until another is ensured. I want to have a nice little breeding colony so that if I'm successful, feeding a few off once and a while wont be a big deal. Just an occasional treat. But yeah if I end up with four males and one female, at least one or two of the males might not make it past L4 haha.
Hah, I remember that little guy, you bought him while I was trying to make a decision. He's certainly grown into quite the beast. All the yellow is gone but the greens/blues are very vivid. The bright blue side bar (instead of the normal white) is pretty cool too.
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