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i have a baby veiled female around 3 months old, and boy is she feisty. even upon openeing the cage, she starts swaying, hissing, puffing, and her color changes to the most beautiful patterns of dark and lights greens and yellows. So my question is.....once she gets bigger, does it hurt to be bitten? The reason i ask is because my 7 y/o son is learning how to care for some of our animals, and i don't want him having a terrifying experience that will ruin what seems to be a love of nature's creatures. Also, is this normal? i understand chams are generally snotty, but i always see people with pictures on their hands, and this baby wants nopart of that. Thanks in advance to any who reply.
Absolutely normal and the sign of a healthy chameleon!
A great opportunity for your son to learn that all animals do not want to be, nor should they be held.
Chameleons are an animal that should be observed, and allowed peace from the stresses of human handling (as much as possible). The rewards in this hobby are many but never include developing a "bond" with the animal.
They do need to be held on occasion ie: To go outside, cage cleaning, vet visit....but these should be kept to minimum as they really don't like to be forced from their territory. It is during these "outings" that you should take advantage of a "photo op".

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I just got 2 new baby panthers that are 4 months old and they do exactly the same thing. today my heater blew out and i had to get it changed and while i was removing it the male decided to headbutt my hand and hiss at me, he went really nice colours as well. Then after he walked on my hand while i was talking out the heating, which doent
You asked if it hurts to be can hurt a lot depending on how and where they bite you. I had one male veiled that would grab the back of my hand (just the skin) and then twist it to try to pull it off. Luckily I was always quick enough to grab his casque (gently so there would be no damage or broken bones) and that was enough to make him let go.
the only time me cham ever bit me didnt actually hurt but i was suprised coz he never bit me before and i had him for over a year! I guess it just depends on your cham!
Recommendions in handling them from cage.

My suggestion is using a small kitchen hand towel and place it over your hand as a protective sheild to get your Veil out of his cage. I did that when my Veil was younger and then I graduated to just using a portion of the towel to finally using the back palm of my hand to initially touch him and that worked!!
Don't ever expose your fingers because you can get bitten by their tiny hook tooth....I have never gotten bitten by just using the back palm of my hand and if my Veil head butts by back hand, it feels like someone nudging you...doesn't hurt at all!!
I have trained my 8 month old male Veil to the point of hiim being so relaxed that I can easily stroke him with the back palm of my hand and then easily him out of the cage by scooping him up using my fingers...No stress from my guy because I repeat this ritual on a daily basis.

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