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hi there. Bobbers eye has finally open, only one though. He has a repti sun 5.0 with a 60 watt basking light. He is in an exo terra screened mesh type house. I spray him with warm water 4-7 times a day. He seems to not be eating much though. I dust his crickets once a week. My question is, what is the reason his eyes are closing all the time? He always drinks water so he is probably not dehydrated. I have read diff. posts but i haven't been able to answer it myself. And what can I do to get him to open his eyes all the time. I have read that he closes his eyes because of a sickness. But his colors are beautuful and he moves around a lot, I haven't seen a big change in his activities. He has never really ate much though. I have tried the feeding dish made out of a plastic jug placed on the side of the cage, but he doesn't go to it, prob cuz of his eyes constantly shut? Any opinions?


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hi. okay, im going to need some more details first. if you are able, show me some pictures, do so. how much cover does he have, he might also have something in his eye, what is the humidity level. every little detail i need it.

hi there. I will be able to post pics tomorrow.I tried to give him a shower for the first time........Didn't quite work out. i thought the steam would open his eye up a bit. Anyways i fed him today and he ate one cricket:rolleyes: wahoo. Anyways I am not completely sure of the humidity because i am unable to get a gauge around here. It's Nova Scotia and winter so i am assuming it's not the highest.


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can't figure our how to post more than one pic to a thread. Ha ha. his eye seems to be getting worse. It is almost like it is glued shut on one side. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
can't get a humidity gauge?? no pet shops, online ordering? you got the chameleon, it does not sound good for a chameleon to not open his eyes, the pictures were not very good. i would be very concerned, what about going to a vet?

after looking at the second picture he looks dehydrated, his eye should look like a ball or marble on each side of his head. it is not the best angle.
there are no exotic vets around here. He drinks quite a bit. And for the hum. gauge, they are all out, ordering some next week. I don't have a credit card so can't get one online.
I would like for someone with experience with fischers to answer me back please. if any out there
niki, answer some more questions for me. what do you keep his humidity at? from the looks of your pics, his eyes are sunken in, which is a tell tale sign of low humidity. if you dont have a gauge, go to home depot, walmart, lowes, whatever. any store that has a garden center will carry humidity gauges. also once you get a gauge and find out its too low, buy a humidifyer. one that you are able to see the steam coming out, because those emit a lot of humidity. trust me. a vet should be your last stop. most of the time they dont know more than you do. your best bet is to consult someone online that knows what they are talking about free of charge.
Thank u for not bashing me. I actually called a vet. They had no idea what to do. They told me it could be an infection and to wipe his eye out:( me being a veterinarian assistant (it almost made me a little mad. They didn't want to help me at all. I can't take him to a vet (not because of the $, just because it is too cold outside and i don't have a vehicle). So the humidifier, it should be warm steam coming out i suppose. How lomg should i keep it in the cage and what is the right humidity levels for him? Also hus fecal matter was yellow , that is a sign of dehydration right? I am new to the cham world, I promise u i did do a lot of research but it seems u are never properly prepared for something like this:eek: I am going to get a bottle and poke some holed in it for extra water getting into his cage (will this work) I was thinking he may want to get under it a little bit. Anyways any more feedback would be greatly appreciated:)
I would honestly recommend giving him some very long duration mistings over the next day. Possible that debri or dust of some sort have become lodged in the eye. If this is the case hopefully this will allow him to free it himself. This will also give him a chance to get hydrated. Probably 3x for 20 minutes or at least that is what I would try. Alot of water but sometimes it is necessary because it can take several minutes before they drink or try to wash thier eyes.
thank u again for the quick response. That is acrually what I have been doing. this may sound dumb but my dad brought over a face mask (one that steams) and we put it in with him. His eyes opened right up. What i am thinking is that i will let it run for about an hour each time and between that i will be misting his heavily. Hows that sound?
Niki, did your Dad bring over a nebulizer? Like you use if you have asthma? That's cool, but be sure there's no medicine left in the chamber. I wouldn't have thought of using one...great idea! :D

A cool mist humidifier would probably run longer; if it is a nebulizer, I've never gotten it to run over 15 minutes. You can use some type of tubing to run the mist from the humidifier to the enclosure; the humidifier probably won't fit in the cage, they're heavy and good sized. If you can find a warm mist humidifier, it would probably be better, where you live, b/c he won't get so chilled, but I think you have to be pretty careful about keeping it clean, since the warmth can encourage bacterial growth.

Hmmm...nebulizer, automatic misting system....hmmmm...
hi niki. hey, jordan is 110 percent correct about putting them under a shower. as far as a humidifyer goes, this is what i have. its called a venta-sonic digital utrasonic humidfyer. i have it sitting on top of my dresser (not in his cage!!) it emits a lot of humidity with steam. you can also adjust whatever you want the humidity to be, and once it reaches that point, it shuts off. also you can adjust the vapor to be cool or warm.
ya it's a mask for asthmatics:p (not spelled right at all) anyways he doesn't seem to mind it in there with him and his eye has opened up, he does close it from time to time though, but as long as I know he can open it. He had a poop last night, it was a little runny but no yellow. I take the mask that emits steam and i just tie it on one of his vines, seems to work aleight, but the motor that runs the mister is some loud:)
i guess that mask seems alright. as long as it doesnt seem to stress him out, then i would continue to do it. see, i told you we could fix this without a vet:)
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