On Vacation Again!!!

Im actually typing this on the 20th floor from my hotel right now, i am in san diego california...I will be back on sunday, at will time i will be putting together 2 18x18x36's for two ambilobe female that are coming on teusday.!!!
You type in such a grown up manner. I had all but lost hope for education for kids these days. I'm impressed. I did have to giggle art the fact you call yourself a ladies man in your profile though.
How old are you?I call myself that because i follow through 100% with regard to that.But if you are much older, than i suppose you wouldn't know that kids my age can have plenty of girls.(Its a good thing my parents are divorced, because when girls, and guys come over they dont have to see that i live in a habitat)....LOL

But thank you for telling me i speak in grown up manner, it is one thing i am proud of!I am trying to start a buisness from a long time hobby of mine.I am glad to say i am getting close!
Have fun on vacation man. Cool, I didn't think you were 13, wow. I figured since you have your own bussiness you would be much older. I admire that man that is very cool. I wish I could start my own but I have neither the money, space, or supporting parents. I want to breed turtles :p

But you guys can help fund my reptile expenses by purchasing some of my BRAND NEW Exo Terra Equipment. The link is on my signature ;)

i cant get a job for beans.

13 year old already has his thing going.

im stuck living in an apartment, trying to achieve my long time goal of getting a panther chameleon.

id surely have one by now, but being as im so young, i spend money on my bike.. too much maintenence.

but im sure to get one somewhat soon :)

and yes, in regards to the "ladies man" talk.

i think that being anywhere under 18, at least 95% of teens take relationships way to seriously at such a young age, you know?

im 15 and been single for almost 2 years. ive got better things to do with my time then be whipped by girls. i bike and keep chameleons.

dont worry about being a "ladies man" as its not much to brag about, i got a kick from it though
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