OMG something wrong with R. Brev!!!


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Holy jeez, I went in to look at them today, and one of the males had a HUGE eye!!! It must have been at least 2-3 times the normal size. It also was like pulsing? I noticed it happened usually when I mist them, and mostly to the right eye. Although I have seen it happen to the left eye but now quite as bad. I am sooo freaked out! WHAT IS WRONG!

P.S. When his eye gets huge, I dont think it is the eyeball because his eyelid and all are the same size, it just looks like it swells up incredibly huge. Thanks and LMK!!!
I'm am not exactly sure. But somewhere i heard that when they do that they are cleaning there eyes
If the eye is just bulged out for a short time and appears to be rolling around under the lid, the chameleon is likely cleaning its eye. If it stays bulged out for a long time its most likely something that will need attention.
Oh my god, thanks soooo much! But yeah, bim rolling his eye around must be that pulsing motion I saw. Now, I have noticed that the eye he bulged out the most is sometimes closed just a little more than the other, and just looks like its a little crusty maybe? Is that a problem?
They really hate when I mist them directly. They actually run away as fast as they can from it and squint their eyes. So they obviously dont like it.
Hi.. eye infections are the most common problem within my leaf chameleon groups, in particular with WC. In fact.. I haven't had a ch/cb show signs of an eye infection yet. Anyhow, I try to make sure to mist each individual and keep antibiotic eye goo on hand at all times.

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