Older cham's health fades?


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My poor four year old female veiled has some sort of conjunctivitis in her eye. They have been getting crusty and I have to daily clean them. I first took her to the vet and was prescribed ciprofloxacin ophthalmic solution which I used for a week. After no results I switched her meds to Vetericyn drops per the recommendation of a member of this forum. It may be wishful thinking but after a few short days her eyes seem to be improving. We are of course continuing meds for a while.
Now it seems I have been distracted by her eyes and have overlooked another problem. It seems to be that she has some sort of gout in her right paw. Her wrist and hand are ever so slightly swollen. I've researched possible scenarios and it's definitely not a missing toenail gone infected. Looking back on it, she's been sleeping with one arm hanging straight down, and I never thought it might mean she has a problem. She still feels strong overall and tries to use her swollen paw, but she doesn't really clasp at all as she does with her others. My instinct is telling me that it's probable she has a calcium buildup or deposit from either incorrect supplementation or because I used the same supplement brand her whole life. She is four years old and still eating drinking moving all about her cage etc. I wish my vet was more experienced with herps. Maybe I can talk her into a free x-ray for the sake of both our knowledge. Anyone had a cham have similar probs?
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