Ok, well, they have names now.......


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So here's the deal. I have no desire or need to name any of my reptiles, including the chameleons. That being said, my children, 9 & 12,along with my wife, do enjoy giving everyone a name.

So.....as I mentioned in another post on Friday, I recently acquired a pair of Mt. Meru Jackson's, and their names are,

Get Ready...

Peanut Butter and Jelly....:D

The female is Peanut Butter and the male is Jelly.

There is a reason for this now. The male, who on the first day in his cage, kept slipping on the screen. The female however has no problems on the screen. So....She is sticky like Peanut Butter and he is slippery like Jelly....

So says my 9 year old son it seems...

So say hello all to PB & J!!

I love when there is a story behind the name! Very cute pair, and of course,... they just go perfectly together! :)
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