Odd coloured feces


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relevant info:

- 3 month old male veiled
- Free range inside tropical greenhouse
- t5 uvbs over his entire territory
- crickets are staple, also gets warious worms
- all feeders dusted with Repashy calcium plus every feeding
- drinks very well, tons of condensation plus misters over his favourite haunts
- excellent air ventilation
- day time temps around 85, night down to ~73

Problem: since feeding him a couple super worms, the feces portion of his stool has seemed a little light, almost pink/orangish, similar in colour to the pic on the poop thread of the diarrhea from too many horn worms, but not as runny. He is behaving quite normally...eating drinking etc. Probably just the two supers I gave him, but just looking for some thoughts.


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I've never had supers do that to mine. I would keep an eye on that and if it continues consider taking a fecal to the vet.
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