odd bumps on jaws


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Has anyone ever seen this? Out of 22 babies from the last clutch of ambilobes,this is the last of my females. She has been on the same feeding and supplement schedule as the rest but she has developed slower. In the last 3 days i have noticed these symetrical bumps on her jaws. I had one other female get one on only one side. Both females are on the small side and this one in particular was a late hatch coming a month and a half after the rest which puts here at 5months old. Eating and drinking are great and eyes are clear with no other signs of ill health. All 3 pics are from today.
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Even when I enlarge it and look close, I have no idea Brian. She does look completely healthy except for her bumps. Are the bumps soft or hard? Could she just have a larger jaw bone? also are the bumps growing?
They feel hard. I think they are kinda like a wart but perfectly symetrical. Too soon to tell if they are growing. They have not really gotten any bigger over the last 3 days.
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