NY Vets Question and advice???


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I am very anxious to know if anyone has some personal insight on good vets in the Long Island area. I've gone to 3 different vets, and from what I hear Dr Heidi Hoefer and Dr Robert Monaco are the best. The latter being the last i visited. The issue is that he and the other 2 vets I've seen all seem to just have less than positive outlooks on successfully keeping chameleons and pretty much seem to write them off as death sentences waiting to happen. Dr Monaco even suggested I should try a bearded dragon instead!! (I CANT SEE WHY I WOULD EVER DO THAT?!:confused:) It might just be me but its a little unsettling and leads me to question their reliability when it comes to taking a cham to them. If anyone with a personal experience with Dr Hoefer can shed some light as to what kind of vet she is, or with any other vet that might be available as a reliable option here in the NY area can offer a word of advice. Thanks!
This was taken off the vet list that was circulating awhile back. This was the only one I could find for New York. There are some listed from NJ also. I do not know who went there to post this. If you got to the forums tab and then go to health clinic, you will see a sticky for Vets by area. I believe this is the only one posted for NY and as I said there are some from NJ if you are close.


Island Exotics animal hospital. They only do exotics. best place around our area.

Dr. Heidi L. Hoefer, Avian & Exotic Animal Veterinarian Exotics DVM cover. Island Exotic Veterinary Care 591 East Jericho Turnpike, Huntington.
(631) 424-0300
Thanks for the reply... I was hoping if anyone was from the area and actually dealt with her and could provide info on their experience with her. But I do see bot many members are from the NY area unfortunately. I did find her on the vets list and through the herp connection list a while back but unfortunately opted for a closer vet. She will be the next one I go to. I just hope that she has a better outlook on dealing with chams than the others who also claim to be exotic vets. I appreciate the help
the major problem is there is realy no great reptile vet here in the NYC area.
most might not have even seen a Chameleon, never mind treat one.
so I agree with what your last vet said, only I would change the wording around....bring in your sick chameleon to a vet in NY and it can be a death sentance if you don't have some knowladge yourself.

I mean really, what makes a beardie easyer to treat once sick then a chameleon?

Well said warpdrive.. Pretty unfortunate. Have you ever dealt with Dr Hoefer though or do you know anyone that has?
I am going to Dr Hess in mount kisco on saturday ( In lower westchester).

She has been at the white plains expo the last year or two. I can give a feeling of what she is like after I go on Saturday.
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