Nutrition question for U.K owners?


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Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to keeping Chameleons, My baby male Nosybe arrived this week and really trying to hone in on the nutrition side of things for him. I understand the need for varied diet and high quality gutload. Having seen the chart for gutloading on the forum, I see that Mustard greens, collard greens, and Turnip greens are highly recommended from numerous sources, are these greens available in the U.K? do they go by a different name? are spring greens a good alternative?

Gutload currently is mango,parsrnip butternut squash carrot, I am also using Arcadia Insect fuel made into paste form.

I really like the visual chart for the gutloading on here perhaps if someone in the know, put one together aimed at U.K owners with the products available in the U.K it would be really helpful.
As is always the case with the Internet I see some disparity about what is considered good gutload feed and moderate to poor, for example Kale is recommended, but others say it has the potential to cause thyroid problems? obviously I want to give the best varied nutrition that I can, however the disparity sometimes is crippling.

I see some people give the gutload as chopped veg in the faunarium and some blend/puree it into a paste/gel and freeze it sometimes with gelatin? Is there any reasons that it would be detrimental to the Chameleon feeding the gutload this way as it seems like a convenient less messy and less wasteful way of doing it?
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