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So I've always heard that liver, heart, etc had a lot of nutrients, but I only recently found out they basically carry all of the micronutrients an animal could need. They are also said to be much more bioavailable than veggies. Not an expert on this other than basic googling hah, so fill me in if any of you know something I'm missing.

I'm not saying anything as fact, just suspicion, but maybe even a small amount of vertebrate prey is what our chameleons are lacking. People bring up the smaller species, and it's a good point, I have no clue where they're getting these nutrients from. Maybe their lifespan is too short, bodies too small, etc for it to be as important. Maybe insects they come across feed on different things. No clue. Anyway, as my multivitamin, I've just been feeding a fuzzy mouse 1x a month lately, along with earth pro A and regular calcium. I feed a thawed mouse, which I sneak in while he's chewing without issue. He'd go for a live mouse, but idt i have the heart to do that, considered mourning geckos before too as food, but I couldn't do that either lol. He has no interest in flies, but gladly tries for birds!

Not recommending at all for people to go out and start piling mice into their cham's diets. But for those that are more experienced and have larger/growing/egg laying chams, maybe adding some to the diet could be something to consider.

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Are you feeding insects still and how much with the added fuzzy once a month? I only wonder because I still wonder about trying this for Imelda
It’s probably just like with leopard geckos. In the wild they’re insectivores when they’re babies but once they’re adults they become opportunistic predators that take down any mammal, invert, or reptile that’s small enough. Of course in captivity that would probably be dangerous due to their lack of exercise and the prey animal fighting back.


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Some young birds were blown out of the nest during a storm. I couldnt put them back in the nest. I fed them to bearded dragons, and the dragons perked up and laid eggs. Seemed that they were good for the dragons. OK, OK, slam me but the birds were dying, anyway.


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What if the organs have too much of the prEformed type supplements for what a chameleon needs...aren't they going to build up in the chameleon's organs?
I'd imagine, but that's why I do it only once a month. Most people that have fed all mice diets to traditional insectivores don't seem to have problems with over supplementation from what I've read. Usually other problems though!

Are you feeding insects still and how much with the added fuzzy once a month? I only wonder because I still wonder about trying this for Imelda

Oh yeah regular amount, large variety of roaches everyday. I usually fast him for a couple days after feeding the fuzzy.
I have found it hard to believe that large adult chameleons are not readily and often taking small lizards in the wild. Anyone living in Texas, Florida or any of the warmer southern states over-run with traditional and now brown anoles has probably witnessed their loving pets actively trying to murder these invaders to their set-ups at every opportunity they are given.
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