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hello i have a male veiled chameleon 7 months old... his cage has everything he need. i give him dusted cricket with and without D3 and multi vitamins. cage temp 80 degrees basking area 95. in the last week he was sheading and hasnt eattin since then or pooped its been a week and a half now and no poop????i gave him a few drops of olive oil thinking he might be web site said he might be going throught a mean period during puberty??? how long will this last...until now i cant even enter the room with out him hissing puffing up and turning vivid green
Have you tried giving him a shower? I've seen that suggested as a way to induce a good poop. If you can get him into the sun for a couple of hours, I've seen that suggested as well.

While you are right to be concerned and monitoring, I know I've seen stories of chameleons going longer without pooping, so don't panic overly.
i dont even know if i can get him out of the cage his super angry at the world right now!!!! how long should i leave him in there for
i live in los angeles and i do no if 62 degrees his hot enought for him out side should i do it any ways to get natural sun?
thank you i'll try to get him out side in the morning i've had him since he was 2 months old his leggs were bowed when i got him since then ive pumped him full of calcium and nutrients and until now he was fat and happy... he still has good weight on him and his eyes are not sunk in ... his just not eatting or pooping the last 2 days i dropped a few smushed crickets in his gaping month while he was he has somethin in his belly..
im in l.a. so i understand about the odd weather..its a lil chilly right now..ied keep him inside...
From what I've read, he's right about the age where they sort of morph into adults and adults don't always eat every day and they certainly don't poop every day.
thank you for your help... it just ive put so much money and care in to this little guy i wanna make sure his ok thanks
Can you try using a stick to get him out of the cage (let him crawl onto the stick)? Then put him on a plant in your shower, point the water to the wall so he gets mostly mist and "bounced off the wall" water. Let him stay there as long as you can. People say 20 minutes, but you're probably experiencing water shortages or even rationing like we are so you might not be able to do that long a stretch...
still no poop

so today i put him in the shower for 25 mins... no poop... i went to the store and got some pedialite just to make sure his not dehydrated... i'll do that in the morning????
Yeah...go for that...

Maybe it's time to handle him? I kid you not, "poop!" is a serious defense mechanism for most small animals.

But...really, I'd wait on that. Forced handling is a last resort.
Check your plants, there may be poop hung up in the branches that you are not seeing.

Sometimes I think my panther hasn't gone for a week or two until I find a few "ornaments" stuck up in the branches of the ficus.
He pooped yay

I just wanted to thank everyone.... It was probably the 25 min shower and the olive oil drops thanks a lot
I wouldnt worry too much, when my f veiled was young she pooped every day or two and then it seemed that over night she started only going every 7 to 10 days. I was quite concerned, and even made a similar thread about it, but everything is all good and that is just her schedule now.
YAY! Glad to know he performed for you!

Trust me, poop watching is good practice for parenthood if you haven't already experienced that.
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