Not important, just an observation


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A beardie is like a pet dog: always happy to see you, will usually eat whatever you put in his bowl, and generally likes people. A Cham is like a cat: willing to acknowledge you when it suits him/her, often scoffs at a change in food, is picky about where to get water, is supremely unconcerned about how interested you are in him/her and will hiss and bite as often as not. We must all be gluttons for punishment.


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Not a bad observation. I even called my chameleon aloof the other day, which is often attributed to cats lol. I think cats enjoy us more though TBH, they have their own strange and often violent/destructive ways of showing it, but I think they like the company.


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Especially the older woman....when alphakenc whisper in their ear...."I knew u got the "baggage" No worry I can help u to put all the baggage away in the curb tonight...." The woman gets even more excited.:rolleyes:
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