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About two weeks ago my veiled male veiled went into a shed. All the skin came off in two days. He seemed fine for a couple days. I noticed he was dark and he began to shed again. Along the backbone has completely shed. Today one of his feet has completely shed. The skin is not loose but you can tell it is white tinted. I will get a picture when I can find what I did with my camera. I have tried to increase the mistings to see if it will help with no progress. I have also been getting him wet with each misting. Odd behavior is that he has been letting me get him wet. He normally hisses at me and takes off under folliage. I am a little confused with why he went into back to back sheds?

Species: Chamaeleo Calyptratus

Size: 16" length, ? weight

Age: 8-9 months

Cage: 100 Gallon reptarium (30"x16.5"x48")

Lighting: 100w incandescent dome reflector/8.0 Repti-glo

Humidity: 55% when dry, 80-90% after misting

Temperatures: 95*basking area, ambient 75-85*

Plants: Two schefferela abricola

Decor: real branches and some fake vines

Misting: Just been using a garden sprayer. Durations are about 5-8 minutes three times a day. Have picked it up to five now. That is the most I can do and still let it dry out between.

Dripper: runs for about 4 hours a day.

Diet: Mainly crickets, superworms, waxworms, and silkworms

Supplements: A day or two before the first shed I moved his calcium supplement to every other day. I also started using Rep-Cal. I give him vitamin supplements about every two weeks, Rep-cal also.

Behavior: Consistent with a shed. Walking around. Have seen him open his mouth a couple times. He normally hisses a little when he sheds and does it now.
Sorry I forgot to mention that it has been a whole week with no progress on the shed other then one foot. The other three look like they are on the virge of going and around the clocoa.

I've always had some concerns about misting vs. shedding. I've read opposing views in books and online. Was it "feed a cold and starve a fever?" :eek:. Anyway, one suggestion is to stop (minimize) wetting the chameleon's skin until the shedding process is complete. I have seen my chameleons complete a shed much more quickly when they've been given more outside sunshine time and less misting during their sheds. If I see that the shed is excessively sticking then I'll usually ease-up on the misting and supply water more directly to the mouth. I have found that the older they are the slower the shed. When they are a few months old, the shed usually explodes off of them in a matter of a couple of hours. At 6 years old, it seems to take many days.
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