US Nosy Valiha Males


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We will be releasing a few Nosy Valiha locale males for sale! They will go fast. We believe we are the only breeders to raise this locale in the US or North America (would love to be proven wrong and meet others). We would like them to go to serious collectors or at the very least novices with some experience that will take their care seriously with guidance. Asking $500 plus $50 shipping. Pm me.
This has been a passion project for us so they have had the best care. They are eating a variety of well gut loaded feeders with great appetites and have grown like weeds. These guys have only the beginnings of their adult colors. It's been a struggle to get pictures that do them justice.
Last picture is their Sire Dexter.
DSC_1398 (2).JPG
DSC_1385 (2).JPG

Sire Dexter Nosy Valiha
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