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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by devynnogood, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. devynnogood

    devynnogood Member

    Does anyone know a breeder who breeds Nosy Boraha's?
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  2. Daniel266jz

    Daniel266jz Avid Member

    (chameleonbrothers) on instagram if your search that they are breeders I think based in California and they have two clutches of what looks like Nosy bohara for 350$ each. They call they’re male breeder Cap EST. Idk if that’s another locale or just his name lol sorry I’m a bit tired but I follow them and I’ve messaged them before. It’s spelled in all lower case.
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  3. devynnogood

    devynnogood Member

    Thank you. I actually just realized I already follow them on Instagram lol
  4. Chameleophlaged

    Chameleophlaged Established Member

    A breeder in St Augustine Florida, John White does Nosy Boraha;s. On Facebook as "Boss Status Bullies".

    Cap Est and Nosy Boraha look very similar, but are not the same locale. Cap Est is the easternmost point on Madagascar, Nosy Boraha is on an island off the east coast
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  5. Daniel266jz

    Daniel266jz Avid Member

    Okay so yea they have Cap Est sorry for the misinformation im not familiar with those two locales but they look alike so you still get a beautiful cham around what your looking for in the nosy bohara.
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  6. KecleonsMom

    KecleonsMom New Member

    I purchased my Nosy Boraha from Kings Chameleons in LA California. We are in love! The dad is the famous 'Iceberg'

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  7. Daniel266jz

    Daniel266jz Avid Member

    I’ve heard of them I follow them on Instagram. He’s going to be a stunner. Ice berg is an amazing looking cham. Congrats
  8. KecleonsMom

    KecleonsMom New Member

    Thanks! I ended up with the male he was holding back. Such a stand up guy to buy from. He's our little icicle
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  9. devynnogood

    devynnogood Member

    Ice berg is like the coolest chameleon on Instagram!! Congrats! If you don't mind me asking, how much do they charge for their babies?
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  10. Essergra

    Essergra New Member

    I have a beautiful Nosy Boraha, White Wizard, St. Marie panther male. He's about 3 years old, and looks exactly like a mix between Devynnogood's picture and Kecleonsmom. He occasionally turns straight white - it's incredible - with some red and yellow spots. Why is this the last forum posted about Nosy Boraha? I'm assuming they're not that common, is that correct?

    Is there a difference between Nosy Be and Nosy Boraha? (I'm fairly new to chameleons). When I search Nosy Be, I get the common "Blue Nosy Be", but never find the Nosy Boraha.
  11. shawn_melanson

    shawn_melanson Established Member

    I think calchams and geckos (instagram) has some

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