nosy be sub-adult weight??


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Cyrus is surely active, but he seems to do it in lieu of eating. I have gotten to the point that I will not let him out until he has eaten and pooped (OK, sometimes I let the poop thing go, but that's when he ends up doing it from his gym and lands on my desk, work, other cages, floor - which I don't find until I step in it!)

Anyway, he is 8 1/2 months and weighs 88g. He seems thin, eats a super or two/day, phoenix worms, (which are small and don't add up to much, and has lost interest in crickets. I ordered some waxworms to help get Darwin's weight up before he brumates.

Since I can only compare Cyrus to Luna - which is no comparison on any level: species, gender, health.

btw, recent fecal was clean as a whistle!

Would like to hear weights of other male nosy be around his age to knwo if he is on track. I sure don't have to worry about him getting fat!

I just posted a bunch to webshots. start here and go forward
they were taken in August. His spine seems to really show. But as I said he is very active, maintains his colors, leaves his jungle gym top go back inside for a drink or bask - he just has minimal interest in food. If he were full grown I would not worry as much but I just don't want him stunted :( He is about 5.5" s/v

Lele, hes fine... He looks overweight to me Unless I was somhow looking at the wrong photos. There is a lot of pudge.

The spine, that long lateral line that goes from the base of the neck to just past the vent area is normal. If you start to see the top ridge get an awkward chape where the top of the vertibrae has the skin sucked into the indents, then you'll have a bit of a worry- though this is only seen in really old chameleons. I have an old man chameleon that doesnt put weight on and his spine looks sikly, but its just because hes quit old.
Will Hayward said:
Lele, hes fine... He looks overweight to me Unless I was somhow looking at the wrong photos. There is a lot of pudge.

Hey Will,

He looks pudgy in all his sleep pics when he's all balled up - so sweet :D Luna's spine was not as noticeable, even when she was skinny. Are they generally more pronounced on panthers and/or males?

These are the pics that really show his spine and the thinness thru the tail.



Have you ever had him tested for possible internal parasites? I have a male Nosy that came in with parasites. He wasn't a wild caught, but raised on a farm in Equador. There was a point where he bacame "spoiled" and would only eat superworms and silkworms. He completely refused crickets as if he was tired of them or something. He is now back to eating crickets again, it just took time. For the parasites, he didn't gain weight for awhile and i had a fecal test done, which showed that he was carrying a parasite. I treated him with flagyl and he immediately ate like a pig. I don't know that the parasites had anything to do with him refusing crickets because I have heard that it is common for them to become spoiled, especially with silkworms, but there is a chance. Your male looks healthy to me, he might just be tired of crickets for the time being. I don't think that their spine is more pronounced than other species, I haven't noticed much of a difference with mine. Hopefully this helps, good luck with him.
Yes, he had a fecal about a month ago and he's clean. He was CBB from someone and he came to me clean (thank goodness!) when I got him at about 2 1/2 months.

I think it is just my adjusting to such a different cham from Luna. She was a veiled with some health issues and almsot constantly gravid (never mated) and was not nearly as active. I do have some of her chubby and skinny shots on my webshots page lele's pics
Not that I am any kind of expert, but he looks great to me, Lele! In fact, I can't believe how much he's grown and beautified (is that even a word?). My chams have gone through what I call the "yawn" stage when presented with certain foods they ordinarilly would devour eagerly. They look, they
look away, they yawn in boredom. (Not really yawn, just figuratively! LOL)
After a few days of another food source, they return to eating staple crix.

Cyrus is a gorgeous young man!
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