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Hello. My name is Tyler. I just wondered into these forums and thought wow, cool idea. Anyway, Im sure there is "getting started" threads all over the place but I figure I start my own. I've always been interested in Chameleons. I dont know types. What I was looking for are something like 2 females and 1 male. Again, Im not too familiar with breeds (if you call them that). Any advice, support, known supplies resources, and of course where to obtain the beauties at. Im not too keen on large scale trips so maybe something close to my location (TX). Thanks.
yay, one reply. I read that someone got a chamereon for like $75 and said that was 3 times as expencive as a local shop. Whats with the $300+ price tags? You could buy a AKC dog for that price.
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My First Chameleon Is A Vieled. They Arn't Too Much Money, And Plus W/ All The Cost Of Supplies It's A Reasonable Pet.

Since Then Chameleons Have Really Started Growing On Me. My Next One Will Be The Expensive One!
i've been a new owner for about 2 days now...i picked up a veil on monday and im absolutely loving it...this is my first chameleon and im definately up for the challenge. i did a lot of research and preping before i got him, hes real spunky and energetic..the owner from where i got him said he will get nice colors when he gets older. eventually i want to get a nosy be...those look absolutely gorgeous. i chose to get it from a store because i knew a few ppl and i wanted to make a connection with the owner just incase i need to get supplies later should support your local shop and make sure he knows what he is talking about. good luck with your new one
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