noob question here, plz help

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I wanted to know more before buying one...
My question is can you handle chameleons without stressing it?
and overtime does the chameleon recognize the owner and become tame?
Some do fine with a little bit of handling. Ive had some that were hostile and then became quite comfortable with me. I generally handle mine very little. My males I try to handle the least since I feel my more aggressive males are really active breeders.
Some chameleons tolerate handling while others don't. Its an individual thing...and tolerate is exactly what I mean. IMHO handling even one that appears to be okay with it causes some level of stress.

Chameleons do recognize their owners....but that doesn't make them tame. I think some of them look at us as a way to escape the cage and possibly a safe perch.
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