Newborn veiled not opening eyes?


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I have 10 veileds that are 1 week old 2 of the 10 wont open there eyes, Temps are good 70-80, 5.0 bulb. in a baby bin, The ones that wont open eyes are still drinking just not growing because they cant see to eat. They were hatched in hatchrite so i doubt it is anything in there, should i try to open them with a Q tip, I even tryed to put them in a humidity box but it didnt help. If it was the enviroment the others would have a problem, any ideas?:confused:
You are not using a compact bulb are you? It is a possibility that they are not fully formed-have you ever seen them open? How long did they incubate for?
laid on 6/30/10, I have a 4 foot linear laid across the bin hatched on 1/17/11. I really dont think i have saw them ever opened on them 2. I hope i dont have to cull them.
I can see them blinking but the turret is like its sealed shut, any ideas? This is the first problem i have ever had with babies. I tried to open them but no luck.
First of all I would be hand feeding them until you can figure out what to do about the eyes. Why let them starve to death?
I have tried hand feeding but cant get the mouth open and holding a fruit fly is a job of its own. They look healthy and are hydrated, just not eating, but they are still not too skinny. They move there eyes around but wont open them.
Try baby crickets...they're easier to hold and they shouldn't have to be the really small ones because they are softer when they are small and the chameleon should be able to manage them. When the chameleon is drinking just stick the head end of the insect in the chameleon's mouth between its teeth and it should eat it.
Try taking the UVB bulb off for a day. I found that a new UVB would bother my babies eyes. Try using an older UVB and raise it up high off the bin. If weather premits get them outside in a screened enclosure for some natural UV. My little Elly couldn't handle the UVB bulb at all the first couple of months and I had to give her nothing but natural UVB.
i will try them with a dimmer light for a few days, i got one to eat 2 fruit flies today, i had to hold his mouth open and put the flies in. The other one had one eye open today then closed it back when i tried to feed it.
After days of hand feeding its sad to say the 2 babies did not make it, the remaining 8 are perfect and look like little pigs,:D.

More hatching out today from another clutch, as we speak. More Turquoise.:D
You did everything you could do. When babies are born like that, it usually is an indicator that something isn't right with the baby.
damn sorry to hear that..ive had jacksons do the same some just dont survive (maybe next time, if that ever happends again, i did save one by taking him outside..the heat or uvb..somthing triggered him to wake..the other two i had wouldnt) of mine was literally a perfect two headed baby jacksons..never opened the four eyes and would fight it self when it was really sad but freaky..i couldnt save did what you could, thats all that matters..
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