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hi all,
been reading this site for ages and have never posted until now!!!

we have always had veiled chams but last week i got what i always wanted a pair of panthers so now i am sooo excited , feel i have to post and tell you all about them and also for any advice , help etc and just to show off my two.

i have a pair of blue/red bar abanja's, male is 4 1/2 mths old , female is 3 mths old they arrived on saturday , i live in the united kingdom

both have settled well i think, they have eaten well since they arrived although the female isn't that active as i imagined her to be, just basks, eats a bit then sits on this one branch all day, our vieleds are much more active than the panthers , prob their still a bit stressed from their move do you think,

will try and attach a pic of them if i can do it , do you think they look okay for their age, etc...[

I don't know if it is normal or not, but I have two ambanja panthers and two veileds and the veileds are way more active than the panthers.. they move around a lot more, they eat with more enthusiasm, they just seem more lively all around..

ask around here though.. this is a great place to gather information from.. use the search option up top ^^ !! Almost anything you need to know can be found there.. and if you can't find it there, feel free to ask here!!
Im in excatly the same situation as you. Ive had a veiled chameleon for over a year and ive just got two ambanja panthers, male and female. They are both 4 years old!
My veiled was alot more active than my panthers and i he still is. The male panther likes to walk around a lot but the female likes to bask in the same spot. The only time she moves is when shes looking for food and drink! I guess its normal for panthers of this age.

I live is the United kingdom as well, where abouts are you?!? I live in north london!
thanks for the reply, we are in birmingham, our panthers sound exactly the same although they are only babies and yours are alot older,
male has been swinging around upside down just and looking out at me, female just sits on this one branch all day does move to bask for a bit but i even have to feed her on her little bit of branch she just seems really lazy, whilst our veiled are always searching for food especially the little female you can never find her she's on the move so much.

what colour are your panthers any pics of them? are you going to breed them?

where did you get them from if you don't mind me asking?

ive just realised what i put before, they're not 4 years old they're 4 months old lol!
heres a pic of both of them:

heres a pic of my veiled as well:

im going to breed them if they're happy together and i think they are because just today i caught them on top of each other! Ive been reading lot on this site and in some books etc and i think i should be able to breed them successfully. I will just have to try i guess.

also i got mine in north londn from a company called P&M Reptiles but they're in a place called jollies(dont know if you've heard of them).

Are you thinking about breeding them as well?!?
4 months is about the point that you no longer want to house your chameleons together..

i am not sure if you have them both in the same enclosure, but your posts seem to indicate this.. housing chameleons together causes a great amount of stress to both animals.. search this forum and you will find plenty of information about it ;)
On top of that (no pun intended) you said they have been on top of each other already.
You do not want them breeding at this age! Seperate them now and save them and yourself lots of stress.

Just curious. Compared to a female veiled, how hard is it to care for a male panther? I want to get a male panther one day when I get more experienced. Either a Panther or a Flapnecked.
Male panthers are not difficult to take care of at all compared to females of any species. I have a male Ambanja and he is completely awesome. Males are much easier to care for because you don't have to deal with any of the egg issues that you do with females. As long as they have a basking spot, uvb lights, mistings and dripping water, food and lots of room to roam they are pretty content. My Bubba runs what I like to refer to as the "Chammy 500" (much like a car race for chams) every morning. He stops for a rest and starts his engine again!
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