Newbie from Germany!!!


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Hi everyone!

My name is Oliver. I'm from Karlsruhe, Germany.
I found this forum via google and it seems to be nice here.
Besides reptiles I'm interested in Football and Tattoos.
I keep reptiles for 4 years now and kind of "specialiezed" in chameleons.
Right now I have:
1.3 Bearded dragons
raised 100+ this year (breeding project stopped this year!)
2.2 Panthercham. (Ambilobe and Ambanja)
around 45 pardalis-babies 10weeks - 6 months
1.0 Veiled Cham.

But I have kept several other species which I had to give away to be able to concentrate on the Chams.

Here are some pics:


Brad Ramsey

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It will be great to have your perspective on some of the questions and topics discussed here.
Your animals are beautiful!

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