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Hello looking to buy my first panther chameleon would somebody give me a good seller been looking and have not been impressed with anyone so far but I could be over looking something would really like a good old honest opinion. oh live in So. Cal. would be nice to buy local.
Do you have any LLL reptile stores near you? That's where I bought all my supplies and they're pretty good. They also ship chameleons to your door!
I don't know who you have looked at so far but I highly recommend Kammerflage Kreations. They have gorgeous chameleons! I have two of them. Well one is deceased his name was Romeo and I have a 8 1/2 month old from them that is very nice. He is an Ambanja named Boomer. You can check my photo album out. Also there is a thread going right now called "Calling all Kammer Babies" it will give you an idea of what quality chameleons they produce. They are in California also. I think in Corona, but not sure of the town. Check their website.
Thanks for Advice

Thank you both for you response and I have check out LLL repetile there closes store is in Menifee they didn't sound so like they had to many to look at so I would have to go to there oceanside store have check out K&K they are in corona but a little more then I want to pay will look at post that you put in.. Thanks again..
Kammers for sure! They are in Cali and have great customer service along with amazing chams. I love LLL for supplies and don't wish to bash them so I hope it doesn't come off as I am but I have not seen many good chams from them. Other reptiles I've seen from them are great but their chams are very hit and miss..I know this because my local store used to wholesale through LLL and most of their stuff was great with no issues, but 9 outta 10 chams they got were...well let's just say not too healthy and they were forced to put down many of them. Side note this store has very well educated workers/owners and great husbandry, there was little they could do to save them.
Reptile show

Do you think I should just wait until I go to the Reptile show thats in Aug. or maybe go to the one in San Diego in July I hear all dealers will be there. and Thanks again for you input..
I highly recommend a small time breeder. Someone that just breeds their pets every now and takes good care of their pets and their babies. They spend more time with the babies and chances are you will get a friendlier and perhaps even a healthy and happier baby. :) Here's a few that I'd recommend.

You can also check the classified section. There's other members here that occasionally breed their chameleons and sale the babies there.
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