New Yemen chameleon setup


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Hi all,

I'm going to be sorting out a new set up for my yemen chameleon over the coming months and I'm struggling to decide between wooden and mesh.

I've read alot that mesh is the way forward but I'm concerned about heating it in my living room, it can get quite cold in there in winter, however the ambient temperature over summer is fine.

If my living room is cold would the heat lamp be sufficient for him? Would humidity not be a problem?

Any help would be great, I've read a lot of care sheets but I'm still stuck between wood and mesh.

Here's the little guy when I got him (mid-shed) -

Sheldon by michael_yo, on Flickr


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Alot of people in the UK go with the wood and glass viv's and their chameleons seem to do fine. A heat lamp should be sufficient. Wattage will depend on the overall temp of your house.
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