new wild caught cham

shane dewar

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i found this guy in durban south africa. can any body tell me what type it is, i think it may be a flapneck

i hope the images come out as this is the first time im uploading any


Chris Anderson

Dr. House of Chameleons
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As has been mentioned, this is not a Flap-necked Chameleon but rather a species of Bradypodion or Dwarf Chameleon. I believe it is either a male Bradypodion setaroi or a male Bradypodion caeruleogula but I can't tell which for sure from the photos. Does he happen to have blue interstitial skin in his throat area when he extends his gular pouch? Also, where exactly did you find him? I wasn't aware that either of these species live in Durban but a couple hours north along the coast, definitely.

At any rate, you should take this animal back to where you found it and release it immediately. Bradypodion are protected in KZN and throughout most of South Africa and many of these species are threatened (B. setaroi is listed as endangered). Keeping him is not only illegal but could damage the wild populations. Do the right thing and take him back to where you found him as soon as possible.


shane dewar

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thanks for the info i will probably go release him this weekend,i found him near umhlanga its about half an hour north of durban.
it doesnt have any blue around the throat area so im pretty sure its B.setaroi
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