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my chameleon has laid an amount of eggs
she has done this before but we were not successful in the incubation period on day 92 the eggs were mouldy and rock like

today she has laid some more now before I move them to the incubator ,,someone tell me what to do..

I know to move them quickly carefully and in the same position not turning them..

what temperature should I have them as I have a professional incubator to put them in I spray them ???

please help any help will be gratefully received
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You'll get better replies if you let us know some more details, such as what kind of cham she is.
You probably already know this but....
Has she been mated with a male?
If she hasn't, then the eggs will be infertile and so they will never hatch.
Also you can try looking up specific incubation information depending on what type of Chameleon you have (might take a while with google though lol)

I have found the homemade styrofoam cooler incubators to be reliable and productive. I know of several breeders in my area with the same style and fertility rates. we use zoomed 15-25w heat cables taped inside cooler with duct work tape (shiny silver kind - not your daily repair duct tape). Use two types of digital thermometers from zoomed or other. keep one at top and one near bottom. use a zoomed 500w temp controller. use ziploc tupperware containers with a mix of vermiculite and perlite. we all experience a 1°f fluctuation in temperatures max. i have also seen people using the back of a closet, if you keep constant temps in house. what ever you do, always use 2 thermometers per area. use average and for redundance. good luck. you may pm me if you need more details or pix or just any help.
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