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Happy Easter Everyone!

I am purchasing my first Chameleon on May 14th and have spent the whole weekend on a DIY cage for it!

The cage itself is 3'x2'x4' and all stain and sealant is chameleon safe.

I have spent several weeks reading the forums and getting ideas and information for the cage so thanks to everyone on the forums for all the great tips!

Next I get to go plant shopping and get everything set up!

Here are the pics!




WOW. im super jealous. thats beautilful. it would go nice in my house. lol. cant wait for pics of the lucky chameleon
let's not forget the drainage. you will be spraying a ton of water every day.
otherwise it looks great.

just what are you thinking of getting?
btw, a baby might be overwelmed in a huge cage like this. but a juvi or adult would be nice for many of the larger chameleons.

Welcome to the forums. Beautiful cage and be sure and post some pics of your new cham when he arrives.

I am looking into a 5-7 month old panther chameleon.

I will have a few weeks to play with the misting system and plant layout so I hope to make drainage not a huge issue. I will be building in a PVC liner into the bottom that can include a drainage tube for any excess...since this will be my first go at it you can bet I will be asking lots of questions!
Very impressive, but I too am curious about what you are doing for drainage. Also, be sure there is a screen barrier between the light and your cham, as they can easily burn themselves. My husband made me a similar setup, so feel free to ask about options for drainage, lights, etc.
Be sure to put a slant towards the drainage tube, or you will find the water will pool. If you have a fair amount of plants in large pots, they will help catch the water and also add to the humidity of your enclosure.
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