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Greetings all,

My fiancé and daughter surprised me on Saturday by coming home with a new addition to our zoo - a beautiful male Jackson's Chameleon! They called it a "late" Father's Day present. :p

So, I've wanted a chameleon since I was a child, but luckily never had the opportunity to keep one (as likely I would not have had the time, nor the patience). Now, I'm trying to research, learn about, and fine tune his enclosure.

I'm debating on removing the 'store bought' surroundings and live planting the enclosure. I'm also still trying to get the temperature and humidity more static for him.

The enclosure stays between 75° to 80° at the top, and around 70° to 75° at the bottom. (Too warm, I'm sure!) I believe I'll try a lower wattage day bulb - maybe a 60 or 50 watt bulb.

At any rate, just wanted to say hello! And, if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for a newbie, such as I am, I'd appreciate it!



Welcome to the forums!! You will learn loads here! I know I have!!

I don't know much about Jackson's but someone who does will likely chime in!

You probably will be advised to take the substrate out of the bottom though!

And most will ask you to fill out the how to ask for help form!
Here it is!

Great to have you here! :)
Hi, welcome!

I'm going to attach two great resources for you, the first is the general chameleon info resource which covers pretty much everything -

And then a Jackson's-specific care sheet, which will give you all the details you need to know for this species -

I think your temperatures are good (you could even make the warmest spot a tiny bit (like 3-4 degrees warmer), Jackson's like it cool but still like to bask in something between 80-84F.

You can absolutely use live plants! You'll find that they keep humidity high and more stable than having only fake plants (and more even than having any substrate, so you can rest assured that you can remove the bark and not lose humidity). Great indoor plants are ficus, pothos, and umbrella plants (schefflera arboricola). He'll love the extra cover too.

He also looks a tiny bit thin, so be generous with his meals for a little while so he can gain a few grams.

Jackson's are a great species, congrats on the little guy!
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