New to the forum and brand new chameleon owner!


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Hello everyone!

We just got a veiled chameleon today! I felt like I researched a lot but now that I have him home I feel like I know nothing!! Maybe just cause he is finally here and I am excited and nervous!

Does anyone know how to tell how old veiled chameleons are?

Any tips and advice is always greatly appreciated!! :)
Hello, I am also new to the forum, and I have had my Chameleons for nearly a month, so I know how you feel :)
If you can post pictures then people can guess the age for you, but I am having trouble trying to get a profile picture up so it's easier said than done.
I'm sure if you have all the basics right he'll do fine.
PICTURES 8D BABY VEILEDS <3333 sorry the excitement of the coming adorableness is too much to bear XD but yes pictures will be needed to tell his age. And I'm sure he'll do fine if you've done all the research, if you have any questions at all please ask away ^^ (trust me I felt like I was an idiot just starting to learn when I got Ryker my panther)
Just upload them to photobucket or some other image website then copy and paste the direct link into the actual post ^^
Oh wow so small <3 I'd say about 2-3 months, though I'm don't know a huge amount about veileds. Also could you fill out this form

I see a red light and am wondering if it's a heat lamp. Red heat lamps are not a good thing for chams. If you fill out the form and tell me the conditions of your habitat and stuff too I can tell you if you need to change anything at all. Just so everything is awesome for this little one right from the get go. ^^
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