New to Chams and have some questions.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jebus247, Feb 7, 2018.

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    I am thinking of getting a Male Jackson Cham. I done a lot of reading here and am ready to get started I do have one question I am in Utah and we are really dry, I am going to get a glass terrarium an 18 X 18 X 36. Is there anything else besides the normal mister, lighting stated all over the forum?

    Thank you.
  2. If it's a glass Viv I personally use a computer fan to circulate the air as it's being known that glass exo terras dont allow a lot of airflow and can cause respiratory issues in chameleons.

    Also make sure you glass Viv isn't one with a glass top or that will stop your uv and heat going through
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    A glass terrarium is not too ideal. It can allow for the harboring of bacterium which may prove problematic for your chameleon due to respiratory infections. A screen cage of the same size would be ideal. Not only does it provide better ventilation, a chameleon may also utilize the siding as walkway.

    Jackson Chameleons do need higher humidity, but I would say that sacrificing ventilation for increased humidity is not worth and for that matter I'd suggest a screen cage.

    A linear UVB light is ideal. A automatic mister is not required, but it does help. Aim for live plants that are reptile/chameleon safe to increase humidity.
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    I have seen that and was thinking of adding this:
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    Would you recommend the fan on a timer or just on all the time?
  6. Mine are on at the same time as my lights cause they are on the same extension so 12 on 12 off
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    I am going to ask 2 more question's I have been trying to figure out.

    1) How is drainage on the EXO Terra's?

    2) Everyone says live plants, then says no substrate. I wonder about the potting soil, do you just leave that exposed? or use like a plastic cup lid to cover the soil?

  8. Drainage is non existent in an exo unless you go full bio like I have but that's later down the line once you have got cham ownership down.

    Live plants are a must to keep up humidity but you must replace the soil with a safe reptile soil unless your cham eats lots of soil there's no reason to cover the soil
  9. 20180119_205353.jpg This was my setup for my yemen
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    Thank you so much, now I have a much better idea of how to set it up.
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    You might find someone local with Jackson's for sale there.
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  13. Not a problem when it's older you want to upgrade to something like this :)

    20180204_180833.jpg 20180204_132536.jpg
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    What size is that?

    and what are type of wood are you using on the wall and did you do anything to to it?
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    I've kept chameleons for over 30 years. When I started out there were nothing but AQUARIUMS to keep them in....and they did well for me! They need precautions to be taken....lights have to be set up to create a chimney effect and you have to ensure that no water lays stagnant in the cages. The same is true for the explanation terras.

    I tried all different combinations over the first few years...all screen left the chameleons sitting up under the basking lights for the winter (I live in Canada) and the cages were too dry all winter...and wooden ones could get wet and moldy...I even had ones made for me that had screen doors and lids and I still found it hard to keep the humidity up and the temperature up in winter.

    I finally settled on the exo terras once they came out. They work well. The chimney effect isn't hard...just put all the lights to one side of the cage. Keeping the water from laying stagnant meant being more careful about how long you mist for and run the dripper but it worked. I kept dwarf Jackson's, quads and other montane type chameleons... and veileds and panthers, etc all in the same type of cage with similar set ups.
    They usually all did well. I dealt totally with WC's except for the panthers and veileds and a couple of some didn't make it because they were too far gone when they came in.

    Screen cages create issues with humidity and temperature depending on where you live. Glass Ines create issues with drainage/stagnant water and airflow if not set up correctly.

    So what you need to do is....look at where you live to decide and what you're willing to deal with.

    Chris Anderson started keeping his in glass cages and these might help you...
    Hope this helps.
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    I am so listing to that pod cast now.
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  17. That's a custom muji chameleons 2ftx2ftx4t mesh front and top with plastic sides with hydroflow base made the wooden base myself

    I drilled the plastic in places so I could zip tie the trellis and some vines in place.

    Not a cheap setup but so worth it
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    Well Update

    I ordered the EXO TERRA 18 X 18 X 36 today with the EXO TERRA mister.

    I will get other things to come I want to get the live plants stable and growing and the humidity set before I think about getting the CHAM

    What do you all think about bamboo and or what would you suggest for the climbing stuff.

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