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I am very excited that we will be receiving our first Cham tomorrow! I have the enclosure set up but I do have a few questions. I've been looking over forums and have been unable to find a few things. any help would be greatly appreciated.
How often do you feed the crickets? I have Fluker's quench it there. Also they ate two dandelions and a slice of potatoe in like 5 hours. Does this mean they are really hungry or do they always eat like this?
I read somewhere that you need to use dechlorinated water for misting. Is this true or can I use tap water?
Also I got the 24x24x48 enclosure, is this going to be too big for my 4 month old panther? I'm concerned he won't be able to find the food. Should I cup feed?
Last question :), can I use a 60 w household light bulb for the basking light or should I get a higher watt or just spend the money on an actual "reptile basking bulb".
Thank you in advance for the help!
I feed my 4 month old panther an hour after I turn his lights on and I'll feed him about 8 crickets.. then 2 hours later I'll bring him more crickets to eat. I'm not really sure about how much crickets eat it depends on how big of a piece of potato you gave them. I use a dry gutload and pour it over an orange and they eat that, but never consume the whole slice of orange. I use tap water for misting, but I don't have a misting system, just a hand mister. I think the dechlorinated water is only for mist king systems so the nozzles don't build up residue and clog. I have the same size enclosure but I put a table in the cage to make it smaller and it cuts off about a foot. He still manages to hunt his food down and hand feeds and doesn't like to cup feed. So it really depends on your cham. and the 60w bulb is fine!
Thank you that is very helpful! I've had a lot of animals including reptiles throughout my life but never a Cham. I'm just hoping he'll be happy with the set up.
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