New to all of this, so here is the thing you should fill out and any advice would help especially with where to buy feeders, and her sex!


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Yeah, give me a few I'm at my neighbor's currently. I was told she was arriving there months old, I got her on January seventh. I keep calling her her but I'm not sure. That's more of her, the two of the cage are what I see that I have on my tablet and my phone's dead currently but it gives you a basic idea. The bottom is plexiglass so she can't get to any substrate and it's poorly finger painted and costed with poly and it's all been made water resistant. The side thing is one of the things I have that drip, but I'll post more of it now asap.


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Definitely male. As for advice, keep it simple. Your lighting is overly complicated...

You should use only two types of bulbs. For UVB a linear style T8 or T5HO should be used. Coil UVB bulbs focus the UV in such a small area that it does not benefit the chameleon unless he sits right under it for a period of time.

For heat, use a regular incandescent white house bulb. Start with a 75w bulb and adjust the distance between the bulb and basking branch to achieve the desired basking temp which is around 85*F.

Do not worry about heat at night unless your house gets below 55*F. If it does, use a Ceramic Heat Emitter for night time heat. Chameleons need near total darkness at night for proper rest.

I also recommend putting the lighting on a timer so your cham stays on a schedule. In the wild, the sun doesn't stay up till midnight randomly ;).

Last suggestion would be to add a multivitamin to give every other week. To keep it easy Just give the multivitamin on the sundays which you are not giving D3.

Tons of other info can be found here as well:
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