New Senegal Chameleon owner

Hey all! Just got my little Yoda 4 days ago from a local pet store, they promised it was bred locally (hopefully their not lying). I think he's a male about 4 months old. Yoda's been doing great and is very active and has been eating like a champ! My dad always had chameleons when i was growing up and i couldn't wait to finally get my own. This forum looks awesome and very helpful and i've seen some beautiful chams on here so far, looking forward to being a cham owner for many years:)

So far i have a 5.0 uvb light, basking light at 80-85 deg, dripper that falls into a shallow bowl and lots of plants/leaves and branches, and some supplements. I also have reptile substrate that i plan to remove on my next cage cleaning, since after reading on here it is not a good idea to have substrate.


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Male senegal chameleons have a noticeable hemipenal bulge. I'm inclined to think your specimen is a female. A nice one at that! She looks really healthy.
I also thought it was a female, but it does have a bulge near the base of its tail, but i still don't know for sure... Do you guys have any tips for misting? Every time i go to mist, he runs away and seems almost terrified of the mist even though i try not to directly spray him. I read that senegals especially like to be misted at least 3 times a day, so i found this kind of odd
I use one of those bigger hand-held misters found in a hardware store (good for yardwork). It has a button that allows the mist to continue without having to keep spraying it by hand. Anyway, it also has an adjustable nozzle that creates a very fine mist that my Cham preferred. My Herp vet suggested this which worked wonders: fill it with the hottest tap water you can. When you go to mist with the fine mist setting, the mist will come out the perfect warm temp for the Cham! It seems that it will be too hot, but it's actually perfect. My Cham would turn from me when I'd begin misting, but once she felt that nice warm water she'd sit and drink - sometimes I'd have to fill it and mist a second round!
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