New pet.


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It's a baby emperor scorpion. I name this one Azog.


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I know they have different levels of venom and temperament. What is this one like?

Okay there are two kinds of scorpion. One with big claws and one with small claws. The big claw variety rely on brute claw strength to catch prey or defend itself. The small claw ones rely on their stinger so they are much more
venomous. My baby scorpion here is an emperor scorpion, the big claw kind. Their sting is something like a single bee sting. It's pretty skittish at the moment but it will be more calm when it gets larger.


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i deal with scorpions a lot at my
job. from my expierence emperor/asian forest floor scorpions are pretty dosile for the most part. it takes a lot for them to feel the need to strike at you but then again every animal/insect has its own personality eventually it will become more calm but remember new environment and new big scary people probably makes it a little more quick to jump or run
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